Jan 262015

Thus far, 2015 is shaping up to be a particularly terrible one for the COG, with unrest in LCG threatening to tear it apart, UCG revealing some significant shrinkage and other signs of deep fissures and fractures across the Armstrongite landscape.

David C. Pack has been quiet in recent months following some high-profile humiliations, such as his failed prediction of COG reunification and the prophecy that three COG ministers would die in the last couple years. And despite claiming RCG doesn’t set dates, there’s an implicit 09.27.16 doomsday date floating around based on Pack’s writing.

As Pack licks his wounds, Banned! received information that RCG is falling apart.

Some key takeaways:

  • Ministers are leaving, being disfellowshiped or otherwise fired while experiencing Pack’s wrath and blame for the cult’s numerous failures.
  • Finances are drying up — due largely to absurd expenditures on the cult’s Wadsworth compound — and some ministers are going without salaries.
  • Congregations are at best stagnant and at worst shrinking, and despite what Pack has traditionally proclaimed, the cult is not growing.
  • Membership has dropped from being around 3,000 to less than half that — something beneath 1,500 overall.
  • Reports out of RCG describe the cult’s Wadsworth compound as being akin to North Korea where thought, speech and attitudes are heavily monitored and punished for falling out of line.

This is all the result of basic scientific principles, primarily cause and effect. Being a tiny cult run by a madman that spends the organization’s limited resources on unnecessary vanity projects while treating ministers and members like shit is going to result in internal strife, financial difficulties and rapid attrition, all of which RCG is suffering from.

How long can RCG as an organization survive this? If things continue as they are, RCG surviving the year in its current form without a major shakeup would be a miracle. Pack would have to make some very radical changes to keep ministers and members from fleeing him entirely under these conditions.

Jan 212015

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