Aug 162014

PCG isn’t only close-mouthed about the location its Sabbath services, but about how many congregations and members they have. Cults suppress information, so learn about their inner working can be very difficult.

Living Armstrongism‘s Redfox712 has done some great research work and dug up some numbers, which show PCG has 147 congregations and 63 ministers worldwide. No word though on how many of those ministers are the same men covering multiple regions, something that happens in most COG cults.

Region Congregations Ministers
United States 73 37
Latin America/Caribbean 18 4
Canada 20 4
UK/Europe 7 3
Philippines 12 4
Africa/Asia/Oceania 17 11
Total 147 63
Aug 152014

Commenter Don wrote about his experiences with RCG in response to reports of David C. Pack’s discrimination against his own disabled followers, who he tries to pressure into giving the cult more money:

I’ve had the same experience and when questioned about it I was put out of the RCG. Of course, I was planning to leave anyway as it’s clear the RCG is a cult, and of the worst kind!

I remember in a sermon and a Bible study where Mr. Pack said that if “your retired… you have to un-retire yourself, and if your disabled, you have to un-disabled yourself’, or you won’t get salvation. Basically, because if you didn’t give more money to the RCG it was simply because you were just being ‘selfish’, etc.

I hope those in the RCG wake up like several others I know of. Mr. Pack, and his henchmen, are truly evil and the opposite of what a true minister of Christ should be, one who is willing to lay down his life for the sheep.

Aug 142014

Olderandwiser left this comment in response to the story of the COGWA member getting life in prison for raping two children:

There were a couple of perverts in the NYC area in the 60′s when I was a teenager. One groped me before I was rescued by my brother. Years later, he married a young widow with a few young kids. Didn’t take long for him to dessimate that family. 38 years later, my mother found a picture of him in a box of photos. I took it and slowly ripped it up. “Why, that was Uncle Dewitt!” Weel, I told her that Uncle Dewitt was a pedophile, and I knew, first hand. When she asked me why I never told her, I said she would never have believed me. The almighty WCG came first, and we kids were non entities. I got off lucky I guess, but I can’t imagine how many others have been ruined because of the rule of silence.

Aug 132014

How many will actually attend UCG’s upcoming Why Were You Born seminar? It’s got a whopping 40-something Twitter followers currently, not great for spending all that money on billboards. Maybe roundabouts 100 or so will attend? Mostly church members? Perhaps exclusively church members? Maybe a handful from the unwashed public will honestly look to Gary Petty to learn about why they were born (spoilers: biological processes), but it’s going to be a pathetically small amount. If this is the best opening salvo Operation Broken Rung can muster, UCG is in trouble.

Aug 022014

From the Norwalk Reflector:

Child rapist gets life without parole

A Milan Township man was sentenced to life without parole Monday for raping two girls several times when they slept over at his Mudbrook Road home.

An Erie County jury convicted Joseph D. Wagner, 63, of 10 counts of rape for sexually assaulting two girls who were younger than 10. The Erie County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incidents which happened between 2011 and 2013 when Wagner lured the victims to his bedroom.

Wagner maintained he didn’t abuse anyone when he made a statement to Erie County Common Pleas Judge Roger Binette.

“I did not abuse anyone, nor have I ever considered the heinous things I’ve been accused of,” said the defendant, who was found guilty June 11.

Binette, according to the Sandusky Register, told Wagner he groomed the victims “in your own sick ways” and made his bedroom “a torture chamber for those two children.”

The judge also told the defendant the sexual abuse was similar to a life sentence for the girls. Binette said he took into that consideration plus a woman’s testimony who alleged Wagner abused her decades ago — and possibly at least five other victims — when he decided the defendant’s sentence.

Banned! tags him as a UCG/COGWA member in the Cleveland congregation frequently visited by the local elder. Sounds about right.

Rage does not describe the feelings this kind of horror conjures. So many dreadful things happen beneath the noses of the ministry, sometimes with their knowledge, all the while anyone, anywhere one might call brethren in the cult could be a monster.

Jul 302014

Banned! reports a PCG member, Janet C. Privratsky, died by suicide in response to cutting off contact from her non-cult family members. Eric Anderson was apparently her PCG minister and will have the nerve to conduct her memorial service. The no contact policy has destroyed families and now has claimed a life.

Reportedly nobody from PCG bothered showing up to the funeral. PCG also has the audacity to lie about her death, telling members it was due to heart failure.

Absolutely disgusting and enraging.

People who submit themselves to these dangerous, reckless and insane cults put themselves at serious risk of isolation, depression and other emotional and mental difficulties. Dying by suicide is a special danger in environments where mental health issues are ignored or attributed to “demons” and other lies. PCG is not alone in its criminal negligence as a community in this regard, but it does have a tendency to put extra pressure on members to cut themselves off from anything even resembling a healthy social and family support structure.

Suicide in PCG Due to No Contact Ruling:

(Notice: Certain details have been changed in this letter due to further clarification.)

July 28, 2014
Janet C. Privratsky, age 30, a member of PCG, committed suicide on July 20 because she had to cut off her parents and only brother due to the no contact rule. She became depressed and then killed herself. Her husband’s name is David. Someone I know (ex-PCG) attended the funeral and said it was heart rending to see the parents’ grief. Not one person from PCG was in attendance. PCG is truly a sick organization. –[name withheld]

Members Being Told Death of Janet Privratsky Was Due to Heart Failure:
July 29, 2014

Just read on your site this morning about Janet’s death being a suicide. Those in the PCG are being told it was “heart failure.” People have been so saddened and shocked!

Believe me, I know how this will be kept on the “down low!” They will not want this out there, for many reasons. One of them being, PCG is in the process of purchasing property in the UK, raising up another college. This would not go over well at all. I am shocked–not once did this enter my mind.
It sickens me. Here it is in a nutshell: You obey the PCG rules because those laws, rules, judgments, anything that comes down from the “government” (which, believe me, members strongly and devoutly believe comes from God); if you go along with all this, you will get along just fine in the PCG, and love it there. But if you disobey and voice any disapproval, and do not agree, and do not give in, you cannot stay in the PCG; cannot be among the people.

Janet’s parents and brother, for whatever reasons, were suspended from PCG. I do not know when. David and Janet would, of course, be told they could no longer see her mom and dad and her brother, since the ones who leave are considered to be “Laodiceans.”

In their hearts, to whatever degree, David and Janet felt God (down through His “government”) was telling them to do this. David, most likely still does, no matter how much he hurts. He’ll just suck it up and draw closer to all his PCG family, with all their “love and support.”

Everyone in PCG just hopes and prays no one in their family leaves. They don’t want to go down the same path as Janet or want that for anyone in their family.

I can tell you right now, many in PCG do not agree with that ruling! But if you choose to leave and your family’s in, you just cut yourself off from your own family! They’ll turn it around and say, “We did not cut you off, you cut us off when you left us!” They believe firmly, Satan now has you.

If you have any more details or proof about this, let us know. I do know for sure that it was a PCG minister that officiated at the funeral.
Thank you. –Anonymous

Jul 222014

Ding ding ding! It’s time for COG Apocalypse Smackdown!

In one corner we have David C. Pack of RCG and his tacit prediction of a 09.17.2016 doomsday. He seems to be going for broke. Does this mean the upcoming “Batman v. Superman” movie is one of the signs of the end time?

In the other corner we have Ron Weinland of COG-PKG, who is back at it with a Pentecost 2019 doomsday prediction (06.09.2019). Not content to lose as many prophetic predictions as the Buffalo Bills have Superbowls, Weinland is making the best use of his prison sentence he possibly can be getting his remaining followers energized for his release and a long-awaited destruction of modern society.

Who will be right? Which is our ultimate harbinger of doom? All we can do is watch the clocks.

Both predictions are absurd. Both have been added to the Doomsday Clock.


Jul 212014

We've been on Pack's enemies list for awhile, actually.We’ve been compiling some stories from RCG members, which have slowly trickled into our mailbox following the call to hear from current and former members last month. These are still being tabulated and we’re seeking permission from others to possibly share their stories. We’re still keeping our ultimate plan for these writeups under wraps for now, but we hope to have a breakthrough soon.

Pack’s tacit prediction of a September 27, 2016 doomsday, if he chooses to run with it, will certainly make things worse RCG members trapped in his thrall.

Meanwhile, both Bob Thiel and Banned! have reported David C. Pack and his RCG cult have started threatening members who don’t send enough money by taking away their spiritual salvation. In particular, they have pressured a disabled member into getting a job so more tithes and donations can be funneled into the cult’s coffers:

07/15/14 a.m. Spoke with a man who was recently part of RCG late yesterday.

He brought up his view that David Pack and RCG are highly focused on money. So much so, he stated that a disabled person had been told by an RCG representative that he had to get a job so he could have more tithes/offerings to give to RCG. He said this person was told that if he did not, although he would still be allowed to attend RCG services, that he would not be granted salvation.

The individual I spoke with was horrified by this, and then quoted Ephesians 2:8-9, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast.” He realized that RCG added a non-biblical requirement for salvation. He also mentioned other problems associated with David Pack and RCG.

While I knew that David Pack has long been obsessed with money, what I was told yesterday was even worse than I had heard before.

Years ago, in late 2007, David Pack basically told people to get into debt and cash out any retirement savings they had to give to him so he could build an impressive headquarters. David Pack indicated that this would be signal for all in the various COGs to come to him. 

David Pack later (in the Spring and Summer of 2013) stated that would happen by August 30, 2013. Of course, that date was proven to have been in error. But the obsession with money has not let up within RCG. 

Pack is a sociopath who knows no shame. Reading through the things he has done and has continues to do turns the stomach. It also drives us to make Pack a particular focus for the near future. His cult cannot be allowed to grow or succeed in any way and those duped into following him must be freed.

Within the next month we hope to be able to present a starker, even worse picture of what happens within RCG’s enclosed cult community, one with a megaphone bigger than this little blog. In the meantime, we’ve restructured our links and content pages in hopes of pushing COG-specific pages to the forefront, including one focused on RCG we’ll be fleshing out. Stay tuned.