Saturday, October 29, 2011

This hilariously cheesy and rather pointless bit of shiny chicanery from UCG's newly-bolstered propaganda ministry is nothing short of an attempt to whitewash its image as a psychotic doomsday cult:

This ad has absolutely nothing to do with their apocalyptic beliefs and cult history. It is extremely deceptive as to what people who actually fall for this will encounter when they first start attending a COG congregation.

And WTF is up with this guy's balding fauxhawk??? And his Steve Jobs wanna-be tight black shirt and bluejeans? Did their focus groups say this was cool?

Also, notice they haven't disabled the comments on the video yet, as they often do, so feel free to head on over to YouTube and weigh-in on the great cinematography, lighting and the cognitive dissonance of telling people "Don't live like fools" while trying to bamboozle them out of their money.

On a related note, it's difficult not to compare this new UCG ad campaign to one from another psycho cult, the Church of Scientology, that first started airing in 2009:

Seriously. At least the "I'm a Mormon" campaign by the LDS makes a little more sense as to what they're actual about: convincing people that Mormons are normal. Even then, the LDS campaign is still wildly divorced from their actual beliefs and practices.

It's all about message, and these cult ads purposely don't have a concise one that's representative of what their organizations are all about, what their history is and who is in charge.

We will agree with one thing this "Sand" video says though:

> Your days in this life are short. Focus your time and attention on what really matters.

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