Wednesday, November 02, 2011

UCG and COGWA are duking it out over who stole what cattle from where in Zambia, Banned by HWA! reports.

In case you thought that couldn't get any dumber, UCG lapdog Victor Kubik and COGWA stooge Kambani Banda in Zambia started an internet flame war over a bunch of cows, and who among them is a liar.

Spoiler: they both are.

In any case, the local cops in Zambia have returned the rustled beef back to Kubik's LifeNets front group, and all is happy in cow town once again.

The full letters can be read at UCG Current Crisis, which is still gleefully publishing COG ministerial communications whenever they pop up.

Now that the first post-split Feast of Tabernacles is over for UCG and COGWA, let's gauge how it went.


Oh, that's right, exactly the same for each cult.

Both sides had divided families and friends, and few still understand why. Members privately sniped at the people they used to call brethren while calling themselves righteous.

Ministries on both sides spewed propaganda and showcased shiny videos of all of the progress they're not really making in converting the world to the mad ravings of Herbert W. Armstrong, to distract members from their financial hardships, failed prophecies, and a state of the world that's unfriendly to the specifics of their doomsaying.

And lest we forget, COG members like our good friend Nigel browsed heretical websites like this one in their off hours at the Feast, so maybe there's hope?

The United Church of God, despite its shiny new site upgrade, its foray into B-movies and embrace of hipster style, is still the Armstrongite cult it's always been, even while trying to drain all traces of its founder down the Memory Hole.

In it's latest edition of The Good News Magazine, the cult once again blithers on about [a German super power rising out of the shambles of Europe](, the same unfulfilled crap that HWA was preaching decades ago when Hitler was in power, a bone that COG sects just cannot let go of.

Germany may be the most powerful nation in Europe right now, but that's not saying an awful lot. Their people and government are also VERY conscious to never allow history to repeat itself, and they have learned the lessons of the Third Reich extremely well and have setup institutional checks and balances to discourage it from ever rising again. Despite all of this, UCG shows utter disdain for the German people by trying to cast them as the newest in upcoming despotic powers destined to bring about the world's end.

This just makes their recent "Sand" propaganda clip even more deceptive and outrageous, since the cult tries to cloak itself in the veil of mainstream Christianity, all the while telling its actual members to bunker down because the world is ready to end at the hands of a surging Neo-Nazi regime. At least Harold Camping was honest in his ad campaign by actually telling people he was a crazy doomsday prophet begging for cash. UCG is just putting on airs to suck unsuspecting victims into its vortex of greed and manipulation.

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