Saturday, March 10, 2012

It has been over a year since the UCG-COGWA split. I continue to sit in a COG congregation foolishly thinking that a minister, any minister, in either COGWA or the UCG or both, will stand up and take responsibility for yet another disastrous split that has caused family members as well as formerly close friends to take sides in an "argument" that was not even theirs to begin with. Once again, the ministry and hierarchy of the church of God have blood on their hands and have in the estimation of many members disqualified themselves as being shepherds of their flocks (Jeremiah 23:1). Let me ask existing COGWA and UCG elders - How many of you have RESIGNED for causing offense and division in your congregations as a result of this split? I would like to know. I have seen NONE.

Elders in the COG community have even had the audacity to publicly berate the membership for their fascination and time spent on "Facebook" and other websites "anxious to get the latest information" in the run up to, and during the split. Well, if you so called "leaders" could have come together and agreed to set aside your collective egos and KEEP YOUR CONGREGATIONS TOGETHER - well, we wouldn't have had anything to be "anxious" about reading, now would we? So now with some of these elders, it was the MEMBERSHIP that was the problem because of their anxiousness and thirst for news about what was going on. Unbelievable.

Do we in the churches of God still have our heads collectively in the sand ignoring the fact that pretty much ALL of the splits in the church have started at the TOP, and were not in any way some type of grass roots, rank-and-file membership mob creating the havoc? Of course not. If it HAD been members leading the division and split, they would have been shown the door - removed from the membership rolls (i.e. disfellowshipped).

Yet not one minister between COGWA and UCG has been asked to, or volunteered, to step down because of the offense and division they have, once again, collectively caused.

I have heard some minsters say that the split provided them a good "career move". Wow.To whoever said that, please keep in mind the carnage you left behind with family and friends that no longer speak with one another over the "issues' of the split that were never our "issues' to begin with.

I know of a situation where a COG member had a difficult relationship with another member in the same congregation. They were not being treated very kindly. The pastor's position was not that the offended member should leave, but rather pray about the situation and try to work it out. Fast forward a few months or years to December 2010, and what did this pastor do? Well he didn't listen to his own advice to the member, and just left his congregation - leaving little more than a hastily crafted "good bye" letter - and joined another group "because of how they (the ministry) were being "treated".

A year into this, some congregations are now dealing with snipping, snooping and power-grabbing among the remaining members, mainly because of the pharisaical approach of some old guard ministers, and even some zealous newly ordained elders. Little men building their little empires and once again lording it over the brethren. Taking notes about what members are "doing", and reporting back to the powers in charge. We're back to the 60's all over again. The picture in some of these congregations of the churches of God is not pretty. Hypocrisy is alive and well.

I'm still waiting for someone to be led by God and their conscience to stand up, clean house (including removing themselves from elder/leadership positions) and move on. So we can start over again with a clean slate.

The hierarchy of the churches of God need an enema.

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