Tuesday, April 3, 2012

COGWA has obtained a new domain name for their social media and gospel-preaching platform.

Life, Hope and Truth is their new propaganda tool. The decision to use these words is not based on COGWA’s doctrines, since none of those words really apply to the church. Instead, they were chosen purely for tactical reasons.

First, COGWA had to find an available name it could use as a web address, Twitter account and Facebook page. Then, it had to consider what words were most popular to make the new cult website popup in search results and be friendlier to analytics, all in the name of attracting new tithe-paying members to line ministerial pockets.

These words were not chosen to inspire or as an accurate description of the cult’s message. They were chosen entirely for cynical reasons: to compete with other churches, especially other COG groups, and to try gaming social media networks and search engines, to draw the unsuspecting into the church’s trap.

To show how truly dedicated it is to this domain/brand name, COGWA has only registered it for a year. At least that’s a more accurate portrayal of how much they actually care about life, hope or truth.

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