Apr 262012

Edits on The House of Yahweh are complete. Let us know what you think and feel free to make your own changes. We’ll be hitting the gas pedal on Operation: Wiki Wars over the next few weeks with our target to be finished by the beginning of summer.

The old Yisrayl Hawkins article has been merged with the House of Yahweh, for the simple reasons that both articles were extremely similar, and Hawkins simply cannot be divorced and discussed separately from his cult. His insanity is what makes HOY the dangerous sect it is.

Old versions of this article read like a promotional brochure. The COG’s time for using social networks and tools as their personal propaganda engines will come to a close if people stand up and simply replace its lies with facts.

Here’s a question though: considering that Hawkins and HOY cannot be separated, should we even bother with forging a Ronald Weinland article, or should all of that be left in the COG-PKG entry?

More updates to come.


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  1. I don’t see the need for a separate Wikipedia entry for Weinland. Nothing notable about him outside of PKG. If a search on him turns up the PKG entry, then he’s covered.

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  2. Agreed.

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