Monday, April 2, 2012

Image courtesy of the Akron Beacon
JournalA source who wishes to remain anonymous has forwarded Silenced a number of letters from David C. Pack to his followers.

Pack is extraordinarily proud of his feature in the Akron Beacon Journal.¬†We would urge the paper to take a deeper look into Pack and the history of RCG and the COG as a public service for its local readership. There is part of the article discussing WCG and Herbert W. Armstrong, but there’s an opportunity to cover the issue with further depth and breadth.

Also, we would urge the Beacon Journal not to ignore the comments left by concerned citizens on the article in question, as much truth lies in their claims. We know the paper cares a lot about journalism, and we know this story can extend beyond a mere feature on a congregation and its building project.

There’s nothing terribly shocking in these letters. It’s just a reaffirmation of Pack’s insanity, delusion and obsession with trying to mimic every aspect of Herbert W. Armstrong’s style, right down to the lack of humility, the anger and disregard for people’s intelligence.

Dear Prospective Member

This is a listing of all the literature and beliefs a potential RCG member has to read and accept before baptism.

A Letter to a Newly Baptized Member

A congratulatory message to anyone who survives the rigorous brainwashing and is fortunate enough to join Pack’s fold.

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers: September 27, 2011

Pack pretending to be an expert on the Arab Spring and describing a visit to the Ambassador College Ruins in preparation for construction on his Wadsworth complex.

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers: November 4, 2011

Pack simultaneously crowing about how soon Christ’s return is because of those evil Germans while running down the logistics on the new permanent earthly shrine to himself. Also, 2011 was “the best Feast ever” and on October 25, a bunch of RCG staff started clearing brush with chainsaws on the newly-acquired Wadsworth land.

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers: January 4, 2012

Pack bragging about his web traffic and grand accomplishments.

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers: February 10, 2012

The stand-off between the Catholic Church and the Obama Administration over contraception will spell the world’s end. The story in the Akron Beacon Journal is a grand success and more papers should copy them. The building project in Wadsworth WILL begin in April.

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers: March 3, 2012

After May 2013, Pack’s work will explode into a “world conversation,” no later than summer of next year.

Let’s see if we can get the media discussing RCG before then.

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