Friday, August 10, 2012

Kay Hawkins, ex-wife of House of Yahweh leader Buffalo Bill Hawkins, has written a book about her experiences in the sect and with her former husband.

My book has recently been offered to the public, “The House of Yahweh, My Side of the Story,” by Kay Hawkins, ex-wife of the Elder and Overseer. I read Elizabeth’s response on January 7, 2012, and if you can–urge her to write her account. It has taken me over 17 years to write about my experiences there. I first had to recover mentally. Now that the “fruit” of The House of Yahweh has become perfectly mature, anyone should know what they are getting into if they go there. Yisrayl Hawkins is a true “profit.”

We do urge Elizabeth to tell her story as well. The more firsthand accounts shared with the public about the House of Yahweh and doomsday cults like it can only be valuable in raising awareness and understanding the impact such organizations have on individuals.

The book is available on Amazon. Here's the description:

Many years have elapsed since I was excommunicated from The House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas. In the interim, this religious organization has come to be known as the largest doomsday cult in America. How did The House of Yahweh, Abilene, get this sordid reputation? As you read, you will come to understand.

Buffalo Bill Hawkins, now known as Yisrayl B. Hawkins, the Elder and Overseer of this organization, declared to me, "I am The House of Yahweh."

He also declares, "I am without sin." The scriptures in the editions of the bible that he now publishes have been rewritten, cleverly twisted to fit his own personal doctrines. The scriptures plainly show that you will "know him" by his fruit, in other words, by what he has produced. I am sharing these "fruits" with you.

How did this organization begin? Why do people who seem rational, who seem to have a sound mind, get wrapped up in something that Yisrayl Hawkins has caused The House of Yahweh to become? Why do these people change their last names to "Hawkins?" Why do they pierce their ear to a door of The House of Yahweh building in order to go into servitude to a mere man? Why do the men secretly practice polygamy? How would a person stay in a religion like this? Why did I stay as long as I did? Why did I leave? I am writing my personal account to tell you my side of these events.

I was there at the beginning when The House of Yahweh was actually a wonderful place to be. I was also there when things slowly began to change for the worse, like a frog placed in a cool pot of water which the fire slowly brings to a boil.

As we delve into producing book reviews, this is one is definitely prominent on our list.

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