Friday, November 9, 2012

Banned! is reporting that UCG's Melvin Rhodes has resigned for "unchristian behavior" aka a past affair, likely with a laymember who is now in COGWA.

Dennis Luker is trying to jump on the grenade. It's also been speculated that COGWA's Jim Franks might be leaking dirt on his fellow COG ministers to bring down his rivals, especially as legal sparks continue to fly between UCG and its newest splinter.

The allegations, whatever they are specifically, against Rhodes aren't surprising. Lots of COG ministers have skeletons in their closets and Rhodes' are just the most recent to surface. There are more ministers currently engaged in hypocritical and unethical behavior. Some of these allegations have been privately brought to our attention before, but we don't publish every allegation that gets sent our way, especially those that lack substantive evidence. But after awhile, when receiving enough of them, a pattern starts to emerge. Rhodes is not alone in this type of behavior, whether we're talking past or present. This might just be the beginning of revelations spilling out if various COGWA ministers have started emptying the COG's vault of secrets.

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