Hulme's cult imploding?

We've received word recently, from some pretty reliable sources/ex-members of David Hulme's Church of God, an International Community (COGIC), that the cult deemed the fifth largest COG group is quickly imploding. Word is that Hulme has taken a Flurry-esque turn and there's been a sharp uptick in the number of excommunications and people heading for the exits.

What we're interested in is to what extent that's true, and what the current condition of Hulme's cult is? We know it's always been obscure, even for a COG group, and that it's never flexed the same kind of media muscle as even RCG has. They have been very locked down since Hulme was fired from UCG's presidency in 1998. What's happened to it since then is rather sketchy, and we would love to know more. Breaching the information control of these little cults can be pretty difficult though.

We're interested not only for information's sake, but because we're still working on the COG timeline, which we hope to have a public draft off sometime in January.