Friday, August 30, 2013

We've been on Pack's enemies list for awhile,
actually.David C. Pack may have successfully opened his personal shrine in Wadsworth and is announcing new media forays that won't attract any new members. But these things distract from the fact that Pack is now a proven false prophet, in that he made a specific prophecy and it didn't come even remotely true (one can argue there are no true prophets anyway).

To nobody's surprise, after all of Pack's many announcements of the COG flocking into his fold as the fulfillment of some divine prophecy, nothing has happened. His pronouncements of an impending COG reunification have failed within his projected timetable. Pack should be giddy since he now joins his idol Herbert W. Armstrong in the False Prophet Hall of Fame, and we all know how he loves to emulate "the Apostle."

What's sad is that like many of Ron Weinland's followers in COG-PKG, members in RCG won't let this shake their faith in this proven fraudster.

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