Thursday, December 26, 2013

Troy Fitzgerald's Secular Safehouse has a series of podcasts featuring those who have come out of cults, and often, out of the LGBT closet. There are a couple of interesting conversations with former COG members, one from former PCG member named Andrew and another from Deborah Armstrong, WCG cult leader and founder Herbert W. Armstrong's niece.

Here's a synopsis of Deborah's interview:

Deborah shares about her abusive childhood, troubled relationship with her parents, impressions of her uncle Herbert, and her non-typical experience growing up in the church under the shadow of Armstrong. She also shares about her time attending the church’s Ambassador College, employment as a writer for the church’s The World Tomorrow telecast, and time spent in Russia on behalf of the church’s educational and cultural foundation working in television, which is where her doubts about the church and religion were solidified.

And one about Andrew's time in PCG:

At the age of 27 — only six months prior to this interview — Andrew left the cult he had been raised in and came out as gay — at the same time.  At the age of 8, Andrew’s family left the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) to go with a group that split off of the WCG called the Philadelphia Church of God started by Gerald Flurry.

Each is about an hour long, but both are fascinating a worth a listen.

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