Sunday, December 22, 2013

We've been on Pack's enemies list for awhile,
actually.Earlier this year, RCG strongman David C. Pack had predicted that by August 30, 2013 the entirety of the COG would flock to his cult and WCG would, in essence, be reborn with him at its head. Obviously, this prophecy did not come to pass. Following the failure, Pack went largely silent, avoiding the issue of his prophetic failure all together, instead focusing on micromanaging and further tightening his grip on his followers' lives. Stories have been shared across the anti-COG blogosphere about Pack's increasing intensity and growing frustrations within the cult as people consider leaving.

Perhaps because of these strains, Pack has finally addressed his failure in detail. It's a painful, jargon-filled read. Here's the kicker paragraph, hidden at the bottom of the article after pages of excuses:

None of this new understanding speaks to when the prophecy will be fulfilled. I will certainly never repeat such a mistake. Those who believe the prophecy and are waiting on God will understand how important these elements are once it is fulfilled. Remember, you can wait in God’s Church for this fulfillment—or outside.

Basically, Pack says he's done with setting dates, that he should have learned after Herbert W. Armstrong's own flirtations with specifically-dated prophecies, but that the prophecy is absolutely, 100% accurate and absolutely will come to pass -- someday. Notice how he also challenges members not to leave, but to stick around and continue to be part of his "exploding" little doomsday cult that is definitely growing by leaps and bounds.

For an egotistical madman like Pack to admit any sort of mistake or wrongdoing indicates things are likely not going well within RCG. Internal unity must be a problem right about now, an ironic development considering that reunification is what the failed prophecy was all about.

Yet, he still warns ministers in other COG cults to either step in line or face divine punishment, trying to entice them by saying they could soon be overseeing "larger congregations" if they jump ship to RCG. So he's managed to issue a pseudo-admission/apology for his misguided "Clarion Call" sermon, but continues being just as delusional and manipulative as before. He has canceled out the affect of one truthful admission by burying in a sea of further lies.

He starts the letter with this:

This will be my last announcement for some time.

Let's hope at least that part is true.

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