Tuesday, January 07, 2014

UCG just announced that its shiny website attracted a "record-breaking" 1 million unique visitors in December 2013. According to its announcement, that was a 50 percent jump from November. It should come as no surprise that its previous record was December 2012, since the COGs post a lot of holiday-themed content bashing Christmas that time of year and the topical blitz is likely to inflate their web traffic.

Hidden in this glowing announcement of victory is an admission of epic failure. If so many people are encountering UCG's "gospel" why is the cult not growing at all? A million people is about 125 times UCG's actual size (counting children and the unbaptized). How are so many people seeing UCG's media efforts and not caring? We suspect ucg.org's bounce rate must be very high.

The problem, as we've mentioned before, isn't how much the cult spends on media projects (only about 30 percent of its income, the rest going to overhead like ministerial salaries). Rather, its a rubbish message and a lack of engagement with members. And UCG knows about this problem, even as they boast about their web traffic. It's why Operation: Broken Rung exists.

So the announcement should read like this: "December 2013 saw the largest group of people we've ever turned off to our message and organization in a single month. These record-breaking web stats verified what we already knew about our failure to attract and retain members."

Let's hope this becomes "the new monthly norm" in 2014 for UCG.

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