Friday, June 12, 2015

We've been sent a copy of PCG's most recent Royal Vision magazine -- a internal, non-web publication -- and there's plenty of revealing content therein, which we will dissect in the near future.

The biggest thing that pops out at us is the page 6 article "Preserving Unity - God's Way" by Brian Davis. PCG is among the most authoritarian of the COG cults -- which is really saying something -- and its No Contact policy has been extremely damaging to members and their families, tearing people apart similarly to the tactics of the Church of Scientology. PCG's policy has led to division, hardship and suicides.

The entire toxic article is embedded here. It was digitally scanned from analogue then converted to PDF, and there's a ton of text so we won't directly excerpt from it, but the insanity is palpable and requires little explanation.

Update 06.13.2015: Banned! has very helpfully excerpted key parts of the article.

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