Saturday, April 2, 2016

David C. “Baghdad Dave” Pack is a miserable failure. We will try – though the task is monumental – to keep track of his miserable failings.

Pack claims massive interest in RCG from people. But RCG is still only about 200 members in Wadsworth and at most 800 or so scattered across the country in their living rooms.

Pack said he is the new Elijah. He is not.

Pack declared himself an apostle. He is not.

Pack predicted an August 30, 2013 “reunification” of the COG. It didn’t happen.

Pack also predicted that on August 30, 2013, three COG leaders would die. None of them died.

Pack has predicted yet another “signal” that will cause the COG to unite under RCG’s banner. This will not happen.

Pack predicted the COG would be flocking to RCG Feast of Tabernacles sites in 2015. It did not.

Pack said he will train the Two Witnesses. He will not.

Pack suggested a 2019 end of the world date. This is a false prophecy like all his others before.

Pack has lost ministers to termination and defection.

Pack has been hemorrhaging money on absurd and misguided vanity projects.

How many more failures can Pack tack onto his career?

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