Jul 232015

Months after Operation: Wiki Wars wound its engines down, the Wikipedia COG landscape looks pretty peaceful. Mostly gone are overt promotions for COG literature, individual pages for various cult leaders along with lies about their accomplishments and ministries. After the initial call went out, many Wikipedia editors put these articles in their crosshairs and now they’re being more closely scrutinized for fairness and accuracy.

Every so often though, we see some oddities.

One of those oddities is COGWA, which seems to be the only Armstrongist sect to not withdraw from Wikipedia after the edits started. It’s gotten to the point where COGWA reversed so many changes, ignored [citation needed] and added so much superfluous garbage that it’s finally been flagged for neutrality issues. They seem very intent on keeping Jim Franks’ mug on the page, while also claiming to have 10,000 members worldwide, which isn’t even possible much less true, considering how many UCG had prior to the split and how many were left over after.

The other oddity is UCG, which despite recent efforts to scrub its history from public view seem to have abandoned its article, even though it used to be among the most aggressive in policing its page. It’s so bad, in fact, that for months Joakim Noah was listed as UCG’s leader instead of Victor Kubik.

What’s up, UCG? Did your marketing consultants tell you that breaching Wikipedia’s terms was a bad PR move? If so, good on them.

These might seem like minor issues, but considering that when people research anything anymore that Wikipedia is their first stop, ensuring the most accuracy and balance as possible is vital to promoting an informed citizenry.

Nov 052014

Here’s a new, filterable interactive map of COG splinters and their known congregations. If there are any congregations we should add, let us know in the comments. Thanks!

Oct 042014

An estimated 700+ WCG splinter groups are scattered across the globe, so it’s very difficult to keep track of them all. However, few in the COG realize or acknowledge that WCG was itself a splinter from the Church of God, Seventh Day, which in turn split from larger bodies.

We’ve launched a project to allow people to interactively explore the COG family tree with a zoomable, sortable, draggable chart.

Most of the data represents schisms, but an obvious handful are organizational name changes, major shifts in leadership or otherwise transformed identities of these cults.

This obviously isn’t everything, but it includes information housed in our own knowledge banks and GCI’s original splinter chart. We’re putting the call out for anyone with any further information on splinter groups and from whence they descended to let us know in the comments, social media or via email. It’s our goal to make this as comprehensive as possible.

Zoom In/Out: scroll wheel | Zoom and Center: double-click | Expand/Collapse Node: left click | Reorganize Node: drag and drop

Jun 022014

Many commenters over the last few years have shared their horror stories about the Restored Church of God, many providing valuable insights into the cult’s internal workings and culture, along with the sheer insanity of its leader, David C. Pack.

We’re looking to compile detailed accounts from members or the friends and family of members about how RCG has affected their lives, any particular incidents that stand out in their experience or just anything you think the world needs to know.

If you have shared your story before, feel free to share it again. We’re trying to collect all of these accounts in one place.

Send us your story via our contact form, or feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Nothing will be published without prior permission. We’re just seeking as much detailed information as possible.

Thank you.


Apr 152014

Can we just say how nice Wikipedia looks right now? A huge kudos to the editors who have been diligently keeping COG-related entries clean of propaganda and other garbage. The Armstrongism umbrella page is particularly shiny.

Many of the initial edits we made have held fast against the tide of changes over the last year, so that feels good. Sweeping through and making those changes seems to have brought this otherwise neglected niche of Wikipedia articles to the attention of the wider community, so they’ve naturally only gotten better instead of worse.

Also, we haven’t had to delete any COG linkage to its literature in the body of the text for months. Hopefully the cults are learning.

But, there is one thing that needs to be fixed. COGWA, after a couple attempts, has finally setup a page. It’s okay, but it could be better and should have some tweaks made to it. It’s too…friendly. At least they had the honesty to link themselves to the Armstrongism page, which nobody else had previously done of their own volition.