Church of God, an International Community

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Church of God, an International Community
Official Name: Church of God International
Estimated Membership: 2000 worldwide
Leader: David Hulme
Headquarters: Pasadena, California

The Church of God, an International Community claims to follow the “original” teachings of Jesus Christ as taught by the first-century Church. COGIC has regional offices in nine countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

COGIC publishes the quarterly print journal Vision: Insights and New Horizons. COGIC has produced three television documentaries: “Cheating God Out of Christianity,” which aired on The Discovery Channel and CNBC, “Quest for the Real Paul” and “Message to the Seven Churches.” It also publishes an online biblical study course called Foundations.

Rumblings of turmoil within COGIC started in 2012 and exploded in late 2013 when several ministers “resigned” or were fired for disagreements with Hulme over issues of governance, ministerial abuse and Hulme’s apparent rejection of British Israelism. At the very beginning of 2014, Church of God, A Family Community was born when Brian Orchard (Hulme’s brother-in-law), Steven Andrews (his former treasurer) and a handful of other senior ministers held a conference over New Year’s that ultimately broke COGIC.

David Hulme
Leader of Church of God, an International Community
Incident History: researching

David Hulme, born in Bolton, England, is president of Vision Media Productions, publisher of the quarterly Vision Magazine, and lecturer in Middle East Politics at the University of Southern California.

After the 1995 schism of WCG, he also founded the Church of God, an International Community. Hulme was one of Herbert W. Armstrong’s lieutenants and latched onto UCG in the wake of WCG’s schism.

From 1986-1994, Hulme was a presenter on The World Tomorrow television program, and from 1995-1998, was the president of the United Church of God. In 1998, when it was clear that UCG was not going to institute the “one-man rule” of WCG and instead establish a General Council of Elders with a rotating president, Hulme left to form COGIC in Pasadena, California, the spiritual home of Worldwide and all of its daughter churches.

Hulme has continued his broadcasting work and still writes much of COGIC’s literature.

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