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We've been on Pack's enemies list for awhile,
actually.As potential new schisms start to simmer beneath the surface within LCG and UCG rooted in pending upheavals, David C. Pack, fresh off his monumental prophetic failure, has been skewered in a set of older letters from 2000 critical of the rampant corruption and poisonous atmosphere within RCG.

These sorts of allegations are why we promote ending special tax privileges for churches. A bit of oversight and transparency can go a long way to mitigating some of this corruption.

RCG's continued PR woes, the fact that Pack has not changed one iota since 2000 when these allegations arose, combined with COGIC's resounding collapse, indicates 2014 will be among the roughest yet for the COG and its adherents.

We've broken down and synthesized some very lengthy and powerful letters and articles describing at least the partial extent of the corruption that has run through RCG.

RCG's Financial Corruption

Banned! posted a scathing letter a few weeks back, apparently dated 2000 or so, from former RCG minister Tom Munson alleging multiple examples of corruption within David C. Pack's cult.

Munson, RCG's treasurer, said "I can see a clear and consistent pattern of overspending, wastefulness and worst of all, a misuse of all three categories of directed tithe funds."

In this case, directed funds refer to donations earmarked by the person giving the money for specific purpose. Munson gives the example of Third Tithe, which is traditionally meant for the poor, being spent instead on RCG's overhead:

Mr. Pack has even instructed me to deny people who need third tithe, and instead use the third tithe to help meet payroll, rent, attorney salary, and other expenses unrelated to third tithe. I cannot in good conscience comply with his demands any longer.

Pack, as we already know, is infamous for madly sacking staff. Munson, at the time, said he soon found himself the longest-lived RCG employee, though weeks earlier, he was newest employee.

Pack's overspending had strained the cult's budget, its holes being plugged by unethically reallocating money from other sources:

Mr. Pack has repeatedly instructed me to turn down those requesting second tithe assistance while also repeatedly instructing me to deposit all excess second tithe, and tithe of second tithe into our main checking account, (which is the first tithe account) to cover our shortfalls due to overspending. I have refused to do as he demands, explaining to him that my conscience tells me not to do as he demands. Of course his demands are verbal and not in writing.

Munson said Pack verbally abused him, argued that Herbert W. Armstrong misused Third Tithe far worse than RCG, and then he tried to buy Munson off. Take note as to how much RCG employees were being paid, even when it was far smaller than it is today. It's completely absurd.

Even though the Church pays me $54,000.00 per year as a salary, and I am by no means the highest paid employee of the Church, I am no pauper either. After speaking to Mr. Pack about my crisis of conscience, he privately offered to give me money from the third tithe fund "to keep me happy and to help me out."

RCG was collapsing very quickly

According to Munson, RCG was crumbling fast at the turn of the century, with its actual membership falling below 200 people in the entire world:

Income is dropping steadily, and so is membership in RCG. I believe it is in  part due to Mr. Pack misusing God’s tithes. Membership in RCG is dropping faster than new members can replace the ones who are leaving, despite what Mr. Pack so often says or would have you believe. Over 100 of the less than 200 members at the feast last year have dropped out. Mr. Pack did the math himself. Most who left are not from the local congregation at headquarters, although some are. At least half of the new members gained after the feast have also dropped out. Some people beg for counseling and are ignored, others are dealt with so harshly only a masochist would take the abuse. I am not exaggerating, brethren. I could go on and on.


Currently membership in RCG is less than 200 in total around the world and dropping, not rising as Mr. Pack claims.

Pack is a lunatic

Pack is an angry, manipulative, vindictive liar, according to Munson:

The work environment at RCG headquarters, which Mr. Pack has created, is best described as dysfunctional. I have personally witnessed Mr. Pack lose his temper so many times I have lost count. Previous employees of RCG can affirm that he has a lack of self-control in the temper department. Many are the victims of his wrath. I believe the only reason Mr. Pack has not been sued is because of the unwavering Christian values of his former victims. Mr. Pack has repeatedly told outright lies in my presence in order to manipulate people and obtain what ever results he desires as a result of those lies. He does not seem to care about the consequences those lies may bring to his victims.

Like David Hulme did recently within COGIC, Pack was slicing members out of his organization for perceived disloyalty, and in Pack's mind, money is the only thing worth being loyal to:

RCG’s policy: If you don’t tithe you’re out.


Over half of the mailing list was removed for one reason and one reason only, they didn’t give as much as Mr. Pack wanted them to. Forget about "freely you received, freely give." One of the biggest events of the day for Mr. Pack is when the mail comes in. He opens the mail personally in order to count every last cent that comes in, and to see who has suddenly stopped tithing. If someone hasn’t given money in a while, he usually won’t counsel with them. What he does is to remove them from the mailing list. This is true of prospective members, too. Everything seems to revolve around money for Mr. Pack. If you knew how much he spent per month on rent and for his personal attorney, or how huge his salary is, then you would know why he is so concerned with the tithes, and why he is so willing to misuse the other tithes as well as first tithe.

Pack violates the trust of those who trust him:

Mr. Pack gossips constantly. When you counsel with Mr. Pack it is not confidential. If you counsel with him about someone else and ask for confidentiality, sooner or later he betrays that trust and tells the other person what was said, and oftentimes he puts a spin on what was said. I have witnessed this repeatedly, and previous employees have witnessed this, too.

Pack breaks his own rules frequently:

RCG does indeed practice an open door policy. Perhaps the worst violator of the open door policy is Mr. Pack himself. He has invited his own relatives who have no intention of joining Restored to services and allowed the women to wear make-up. Protestants, other COG, ex WCG now unbelieving, etc., etc. Even a woman who works downstairs in another office but has no clue about God’s truth asked to come and the Packs invited her. The reason she wanted to come to Church was because she could hear the song service and liked the music and singing. Also in violation of his stated policies, Mr. Pack sent out Feast registration forms to dozens of people who are not members of RCG. He is flinging the doors of our Feast wide open.

Even once you're fired from RCG, Pack still isn't done with you:

Mr. Pack spends an inordinate amount of time trying to pin something, anything, on previous employees. 

Did Pack frame Don Tiger?

The Journal reported that Pack potentially used the legal hammer to crush and scapegoat one of his own employees in 2000.

COG member Don Tiger preserved WCG telecasts, booklets and articles that were circulated during the cult's destruction, something for which he gained some notoriety in cult circles. He was a WCG member, later worked for PCG and then was eventually employed by RCG.

Tiger was indicted and charged with forgery for opening an Ohio bank account under a false name and for embezzlement, the latter charge coming from David C. Pack himself. Pack accused Tiger, RCG's accountant, of embezzling funds equal to his last month's salary just before Pack fired him.

Pack and Tiger had been engaged in a spat over certain unspecified issues. Tiger sensed he was going to be fired and made certain he received his last paycheck -- something he had the legal power to do -- before Pack could terminate his employment. Tiger then preempted Pack and resigned from RCG.

“Before Pack fired him, he resigned. But just before he resigned he paid himself for the time he worked less one day, using a check at the back of the church’s checkbook, because Don had firsthand experience with Mr. Pack not paying people the money he owed them after he fired them," Greg Walburn, Tiger's friend, told The Journal. "He did not tell Dave Pack he was going to pay his salary that day because he knew Dave Pack would have stopped payment on the check.”

While Tiger still faced charges of failure to appear in court and for forgery, it appears as though federal authorities did not find evidence to substantiate Pack's embezzlement accusations. Conveniently, RCG apparently got to keep Tiger's decade-worth of CDs filled with old Herbert W. Armstrong material, which The Journal alleged may have been Pack's entire endgame.

Munson provided some additional information about Pack's war against Tiger:

It was Mr. Pack and his attorney who called the police on Don Tiger after Don refused to sign over the rights to his CD’s to RCG. Mr. Pack knew there was an outstanding federal warrant for Don Tiger when he hired him. Mr. Pack wanted the CD project so badly that he was willing to overlook the warrant.

Don’s mistake was to counsel with Mr. Pack. Sadly, Mr. Pack used that information against Don later, violating yet another confidence. Mr. Pack turned Don Tiger over to the police.

Read the following quote from Mr. Pack’s persecution statement: "The history of the True Church is replete with a basic replicating pattern of persecution that comes, almost entirely, from two basic sources.

First, those who hold fast to the full Truth of God are eventually expelled, attacked and accused because they will not go along with either the wholesale, or even PARTIAL, sell-out of God’s Truth!

Second, is that the civil governments of this world become involved in directly persecuting the people of God, as well. As true and painful as this is, in itself, this often happens (perhaps even most often happens) because the persecuting Church 'members' are the ones who actually betray the true brethren to the authorities who, it is hoped, will seek to bring or precipitate greater persecution upon those same true brethren."

What a sickening policy for Restored to have!! Mr. Pack falsely accuses this man.

Here’s an example of many:

"In this light, it is interesting to note that the old Trust Fund was overdrawn by approximately $3,500, an amount that might now be difficult to recoup." False! Untrue! Any investigation of the account can clearly show that Mr. Tiger never overdrew the funds by one cent! There was a balance of over $270.00 on the very day when Mr. Pack gave in to Worldwide attorney Ralph Helge and closed it down.

I could literally cite dozens of outright defamatory lies Mr. Pack has made while attacking Don Tiger. I believe the Tigers have acted in an honorable fashion by not suing Mr. Pack for slander and libel. My hope is that Mr. Pack will repent of telling lies and will bring forth fruits of repentance by admitting the lies and setting the record straight with the truth. Mr. Pack also knew about an outstanding traffic ticket Don received because the most recently hired employee told Mr. Pack about it.

Mr. Pack wanted Don Tiger’s email list too. Don didn’t feel comfortable with giving it up so he declined to give it away. This angered Mr. Pack. Mr. Pack used confidential knowledge to turn Don in. I was there when it happened.

June 7 Update: "Do not be afraid to believe that God may dramatically intervene to protect His Church from enemies who threaten to attack it!"

June 10 Update: Just hours before Donald Tiger was arrested the second time on Wednesday night, Mr. Pack announced on this web site (please see June 7th Update) that "do not be afraid to believe that God will dramatically intervene to protect His church from His enemies. We believe that God has dramatically intervened in a way we could have never imagined."

Mr. Pack sicced the police on Don Tiger days before and was told in advance that he would be picked up for the traffic ticket and warrant. There was no surprise involved. Both updates were written by Mr. Pack. Need I say more.

The following is a quote from Mr. Pack’s persecution statement, I think it applies to what Mr. Pack did to Mr. Tiger:

"Certainly, if I wanted to accuse somebody, and also make them look as bad as I possibly could in the process (probably because I wanted to also divert attention away from the real doctrinal issues), one of the most brilliant 'strokes' that I could contrive would be to say that the person I am seeking to attack and accuseis really attacking and accusing me. What more effective and clever strategy to deflect attention from the real issues could you think of while you, at the same time, portray yourself as a victim?"

Think about this and try to recall even one single incident where Mr. Tiger "attacked" or "accused" Mr. Pack.

Mr. Pack has certainly made multiple attacks and accusations against Mr. Tiger, and even went so far as to send the police after Mr. Tiger. The reason Mr. Pack refuses to answer his accusers is that he would be faced with three clear and distinct choices.

1) Deny the statements and be called a liar.

2) Repent and confess his sins and change his ways and be forgiven.

3) Say nothing at all and hope it will all go away.

Mr. Pack chooses to slyly deny anything brought against him by refusing to comment. Or he says something to this effect: "I refuse to answer those who accuse me falsely." That is of course an answer to the accusation and a counteraccusation. He tries to hide behind his book "Should Accusers Be Answered" saying he will not answer his accusers and all the while answering and counter-accusing.

The following is a quote from Mr. Pack’s persecution statement:

"As I mentioned above, most people understand that I will never answer my accusers no matter what those accusations may be. This particular accusation would never require an answer anyway because everything I do (books, booklets, tapes, and letters to members, Newsletters and Updates) is public and open for all to review themselves."

The question many people have for Mr. Pack is: How do you explain this in light of your removing updates from the website? How do you explain this in light of your open door policy? How do you explain this in light of the fact that many write in with requests, and you refuse to honor those requests? Where are all the things which you mentioned above public and open for all to review themselves? Mr. Pack, again you are not being honest with your audience. Why?

This seems to hammer home the original allegations that Pack framed Tiger.

Nothing has changed

The situation more than a decade ago within RCG isn't that much different than now. Sure, Pack has turned his staff over and has supposedly recovered his membership, perhaps has a bit more money, more of a media presence and his shiny new building in Wadsworth. But Pack has learned nothing, has continued to lie, manipulate, defraud and vindictively destroy his enemies. His members continue to suffer under his tyrannical reign over their lives.

It's times like these that piling on would be fun, since we have a cache of stories in our back pocket to make Pack squirm even more. But we do not have permission to publish them and we believe in protecting our sources. Rest assured, these allegations are the iceberg's tip.

We can speak in generalities though, which is not our preference, but it's what we're left with:

  • RCG has torn families apart, pitting members against each other, especially in cases where one spouse is a member and the other is not.
  • RCG ministers function methodically and ruthlessly using tactics reminiscent of the Stasi to stamp out dissent by uprooting and silencing internal critics.
  • RCG is constantly monitoring what anti-COG blogs say about Pack and information is likely being stockpiled.
  • There are those within RCG who are worried Pack did indeed plagiarize heavily from Herbert W. Armstrong in the cult's literature, despite his flat denials.

That's all we can really share without potentially outing internal sources. But more toxicity is certain to leak from RCG's darkest crevices as time marches on. The things that were going on during Munson's era with RCG are with near certainty still going on today, perhaps even to a greater, more vile extent.

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